Catalogue "Artistic heritage of the Klodt family" (Russian)

Catalogue "Artistic heritage of the Klodt family" (Russian)

Material Paper
Size 24 x 22 cm
Vendor code 30153
Language Russian
Bibliography entry ISBN 978-5-93332-693-9
Страниц 120
Publishing year 2020
Publisher Palace Editions

In the history of Russian plastic art, Peter Klodt entered as the greatest master muralist, the Creator of world-famous works-equestrian groups of the Anichkov bridge, the monument to the fabulist I. A. Krylov in the Summer garden, the statue of Nicholas I for the monument to the Emperor in St. Petersburg. In addition, Klodt is recognized as the founder of the animalistic genre in Russian easel sculpture; the most important and favorite theme of his work was the image of horses. Deeply and comprehensively comprehending nature, he was able to find the exact relationship between the ideal and reality, his creations are always endowed with harmonious beauty. The Russian Museum has a unique collection of works by Peter Klodt. It consists of sculptures, drawings and archival documents that belonged to his family. Of particular value are 6 wax figures, hand-sculpted by the sculptor. In 1897, they were among the first receipts from the Academy of arts to the Museum of Emperor Alexander III.

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