Catalogue "Generation of thirty-year-olds in modern Russian art" (Russian)

Catalogue "Generation of thirty-year-olds in modern Russian art" (Russian)

Material Paper
Size 24 x 22 cm
Vendor code 30162
Language Russian
Bibliography entry ISBN 978-5-93332-696-0
Страниц 120
Publishing year 2020
Publisher Palace Editions

Today, in an era of increasing proliferation of gadgets, the need for constant use of communication tools, and the increasing role of the Internet in society, young artists have a new perception of their role in art. Entering into a dialogue with modern digital culture, using the methods of the latest technologies, they sometimes painfully tend to man-made, unique. The exhibition contains works by artists who are considered to be part of the digital generation, or the millennial generation. Entering adulthood at the beginning of the new Millennium, these authors have witnessed and actively participated in the rapid changes that have taken place and are taking place in the culture.¶The publication is dedicated to the work of modern young artists, based on the material of St. Petersburg art. Despite the significant influence of art globalization, which is rapidly erasing national and regional differences, the current state of the St. Petersburg art scene allows us to consider it as a separate phenomenon in the

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