Portraits of Count Nikolai Sheremetev: New Revelations

Portraits of Count Nikolai Sheremetev: New Revelations

The exhibition in the Garden Vestibule of the Mikhailovsky Palace is dedicated to the iconography of the little Count N. D. Sheremetev (1838-1843). Its central exhibit is a portrait by the Austrian painter Friedrich von Amerling, recently attributed by the museum researchers.

Amerling was one of the best masters of children’s portrait of his time. His works in this genre are distinguished by the elegance of the drawing and color diversity. Paintings by Friedrich von Amerling are virtually absent in Russian museums. Thus, the portrait of the little Count Sheremetev discovered in the State Russian Museum is the only work of the master in Russia so far.

Count Nikolai Sheremetev, son of Count Dmitry Sheremetev (1803-1871), from his marriage to the maid of honor Anna Sheremeteva (1810-1849), who died at the age of five, left a deep trace in the Count's family, which retained a trembling attitude to him and a long memory.

The exhibition will feature portraits of Nikolai Sheremetev made by various artists in various techniques - painting, miniature, sculpture, original and printed graphics from the collection of the State Russian Museum the Ostankino Estate Museum (Moscow), the State Historical Museum, and the collection of T. A. Udras (Moscow).

Also specially for the exhibition an original historical artistic frame from the portrait of a small Count by Amerling was restored in the gilded carving restoration workshop of the State Russian Museum.

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